high-inteNsity burners in sru

A Safe Burning Solution in the Sulphur Recovery Units (SRUs)

With Proven Technology

Our high-intensity burners are built to be safely used in the Sulphur Recovery Units (SRUs). The combustion air, fuel gas, or acid gas are designed to enter the burner with a strong swirl motion to create a very stable and short flame as well as an almost perfect mixing of hot gases in the high-intensity burner in SRUs.

This tremendous design is the core technology of our burner in SRUs, and it ensures the destruction of contaminants such as ammonia or BTEX in the reaction furnace burners; the good mixing of tail gas with hot gas from incinerator burner in a well-designed furnace with suitable residence time guarantees the best performance of incinerator burners; our high-intensity burners can operate as low as 70% sub-stoichiometrically without having any soot, which will meet or exceed the design requirements of certain customers in all type of burners in SRUs including reducing gas generators or re-heaters.     

The temperature profile of hearth when excess air turndown is 2
The temperature profile of hearth when excess air turndown is 2

Our Product Ranges

Our high-intensity burners in SRUs are the most reliable products worldwide in the industry, with excellent performance and very competitive pricing. Typically, the burner start-up and adjustment can be accomplished in one day or a few days.

Reaction Furnace Burner: Air Only or 100% Oxygen Enrichment
Incinerator Burner
Reducing Gas Generator and Re-Heater
Ignition Systems
Valve Trains
Local Control Panels
We Also Supply Other Products in SRUs Such as Catalyzing Reactor, Waste Heat Boiler, and Sulfur Condenser

Our Advantages

Our technical team can provide the products designed with state-of-the-art combustion technology. Our quality system ensures that our products and services are delivered correctly and on time, and meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

High-Intensity Burner Designed and Manufactured for Application in SRUs.
Design Capacity: as Required.
Proven Safe and Reliable Design.
Almost Perfect Gas Mixing with Very Stable and Short Flame.
High Turndown Capacity: 10: 1 or Higher.
Complete Destruction of Contaminant Such as NH3 and BTEX.
Low NOx and CO Emissions
Compact Design with Smaller Footprint.
Less Maintenance and Up to 25 Years of Equipment Life.
Also Supplying Ignition System, Flame Scanner and Other Accessories, Valve Trains, Combustion Air Blowers, and Local Control Panels.

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